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LG commercial washing machine and dryer


LG commercial washing machine and dryer


This commercial washing machine has a drum volume of 105.6L, providing sufficient space for clothes to move around freely during the wash cycle. This ensures thorough and effective cleaning of your laundry.


LG WM 069FDFS, a 10 kg commercial washing machine.

The LG WM 069FDFS is specifically designed for commercial use and can handle larger laundry loads with ease. With a capacity of 10 kg, it can accommodate a significant amount of clothing, making it ideal for businesses or establishments that require heavy-duty washing solutions.

The spin speed of the LG WM 069FDFS is 1150 RPM (Rotations Per Minute). This high spin speed helps to extract excess water from your clothes, reducing drying time and energy consumption.

In terms of water consumption, this washing machine utilizes 45.5L of water per cycle. It is designed to optimize water usage while still providing efficient cleaning results.

To ensure safety, the electric circuit breaker for the LG WM 069FDFS should be rated at 3,200W. This will protect the washing machine from electrical overloads and ensure proper functioning.

With its large capacity, high spin speed, optimized water consumption, and safety features, the LG WM 069FDFS is a reliable choice for commercial laundry needs.


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