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LG commercial washing machine and dryer


LG commercial washing machine and dryer


The air flow capacity of the LG DRY 1329CN7P is 160 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), which allows for efficient drying by circulating and evenly distributing hot air throughout the drum. This helps to expedite the drying process, saving you time and energy.


LG DRY 1329CN7P, which is a 10 kg commercial dryer.

The LG DRY 1329CN7P is designed specifically for commercial use, making it perfect for businesses or establishments that require heavy-duty laundry solutions. With a capacity of 10 kg, it can handle larger loads of laundry efficiently.

This commercial dryer has a drum volume of 207L, providing ample space for clothes to tumble and dry evenly. This ensures that your laundry comes out thoroughly dried, reducing the need for additional drying cycles.

In terms of heating capabilities, this dryer features a powerful heating element that operates at 5,400W. This high wattage enables the dryer to generate and maintain the necessary heat to dry your clothes effectively.

To ensure safety, the electric circuit breaker for the LG DRY 1329CN7P should be rated at 5,400W. This will protect the dryer from electrical overloads and ensure proper functioning.

With its heavy-duty capacity, efficient air flow, powerful heating element, and safety features, the LG DRY 1329CN7P is an ideal choice for commercial laundry needs.


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