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    FEATURE: Model: BS – 315

    Rated power: 1000W

    Frequency response: 35Hz – 450kHz

    Nominal impedance: 4Ω

    Sensitivity: 103dB

    Maximum SPL: 127dB

    System Type: 2X18″ Subwoofer

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    Black Spider BS-325 Full Range Passive Double Speaker – Blue

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    • 700W RMS / 1400W Program / 2800W Peak
    • 40Hz – 20kHz Frequency Response
    • 135dB Max SPL
    • 2 x 15″ Woofer
    • 1.75” titanium diaphragm compression driver
    • 90°x60° Waveguide
    • Durable black paint finish
    • 2 x Speak on / Thru inputs
    • 1.2mm steel grille
    • Plywood cabinet
    • Newly developed high power LF & HF drivers
    • One of our most competitive series for price vs power
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    Black Spider BSLA-218 Pro Double Subwoofer Speaker – Pair

    955,500.00 Add to cart

    BSLA-218 Pro Double Sub-woofer Speaker From Black Spider

    BSLA-218 Pro Double Subwoofer Speaker from Black Spider comprises everything a sound engineer could ever need – High quality pro audio and yet at an affordable price. On this grounds Black Spider up-ed the game for affordable PA, delivering a PA speaker series with a sound like no other and aesthetic comparable to that of a much higher price margin.

    Talking Subwoofers? Talk Black Spider 

    The Black Spider BSLA Series has both a desirable high power capacity and clarity, as well as an exceptional low frequency output providing tight bass response all the way. For high frequency, a titanium diaphragm compression driver produces a powerful yet neutral sounding high end. This BSLA series speakers use new, specially developed LF & HF drive units acoustically matched with an equally durable cabinet. The finish is extremely hard wearing and also top of the leagues compared to other carpet covered cabinet in the same price range.

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    Black spider Speaker Capacity: 8000 Watt

    800,000.00 Add to cart


    • Powerful subwoofer cabinet with punchy bass reproduction: perfect for discrete installation in clubs and discotheques, also very suitable for portable applications.
    • Perfect for permanent installation in clubs, discotheques and all kinds of venues where good sound quality at high SPL is important!
    • Perfect for portable use: DJ, hiring companies, …
    • VIBE18-SUB Mk2 can be combined with VIBE15 Mk2 or VIBE30 Mk2 to obtain a warm, full bodied sound!
    • Solid, high strength, plywood enclosure
    • Scratch resistant polyurethane painting
    • Strong Metal grill with acoustic foam on the inside: improved look and better protection the speaker components against dust and splashing water.
    • Built-in 35mm stand adapter on the topside
    • High Power 18inch Woofer with ALU basket
    • Built-in heavy duty carrying handles
    • Fixing points on the back panel for optional wheels
    • Heavy duty rubber feet

    Technical Information

    • Power Capacity: (8000Wpeak)
    • Input impedance: 8Ω
    • Input Sensitivity: 100dB 1W/1m
    • Max. SPL: 131dB
    • Frequency response: 40 – 250Hz
    • Dimensions: 596 x 736 x 756 mm
    • Weight: 57kg
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    Black spider Speaker Capacity: 8000watt Double subwoofer

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    Power Capacity: 8000 Watts

    • The speaker can handle a substantial amount of power (8000 watts), making it suitable for high-volume and large-scale audio setups.

    Double Subwoofers or Woofers

    • The “Double Sub” or “Woofer” configuration indicates that the speaker has two specialized drivers designed to reproduce low-frequency sounds (bass). These subwoofers or woofers are responsible for delivering deep and powerful bass, enhancing the overall audio experience.

    High-Quality Materials

    • To handle the high power and produce accurate sound, the speaker is likely to be constructed using durable and high-quality materials, such as robust speaker cabinets and reliable driver components.

    Advanced Amplification and Signal Processing

    • With an 8000-watt capacity, the speaker might come equipped with advanced amplification and signal processing technologies to efficiently manage the power and optimize the sound output.

    Portability and Rigging Options

    • Depending on the intended use, the speaker might be designed for portability and have rigging options, making it easier to set up in various locations or integrate into existing sound systems.

    Frequency Response

    • The speaker’s frequency response range will likely be tailored to emphasize the low-end frequencies, offering deep bass reproduction. A common range for subwoofers is around 20Hz to 200Hz.

    Multiple Connectivity Options

    • To accommodate different audio sources and setups, the speaker might offer various connectivity options, such as XLR, 1/4-inch, and RCA inputs.

    Built-in Safety Features

    • With such high power handling, the speaker might incorporate safety features like overload protection and thermal protection to prevent damage from excessive power or overheating.

    Professional Audio Applications

    • A speaker system with these specifications would be suitable for professional audio applications, including concerts, live events, large venues, nightclubs, and any setting where powerful and high-quality sound reinforcement is required.
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    LG 1000W 4.2Ch DVD Home Theatre With Sound Tower – LHD 675

    190,000.00 Add to cart


    • Channels: 4.2
    • Power Output: 1000 Watts
    • Speaker Type: Tower
    • Disc Player: DVD/CD
    • Connectivity: USB/Bluetooth
    • Voltage: AC100 – 240V 50/60Hz
    • Bass Blast
    • Black
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    LG 1250W Home Theater System LHD687

    200,000.00 Add to cart


    • 1,250 Watt
    • Dual Subwoofers Built-in
    • Space Saving & Simple Installation
    • Bluetooth music streaming
    • TV Sound Sync
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    LG 1800W XBoom All-In-One Bluetooth HiFi Audio Systems ON9

    235,000.00 Add to cart


    • Power Output – Front           450W X 2
    • Power Output – Sub Woofer          900W
    • Function Selector      (CD/DVD , Tuner ,AUX1 ,AUX2 , USB2, USB1 , Portable In , Bluetooth )
    • Power Requirement – Narrow (50/60Hz)         110 Or 220/230V 50/60Hz
    • Power Requirement – Wide         110/220V
    • Power Consumption         170W
    • Power Off Consumption          0.5W
    • Power Consumption At Stand By       0.5W
    • Audio Control
    • 2Ch Stereo (By-Pass)        Yes
    • Dts Digital Surround         Yes
    • Tuner Type            PLL
    • Tuner Band        FM
    • Tuner Range         87.5 ~ 108.0MHz
    • Sound Sync – Bluetooth (LG TV)        Yes
    • Sound Sync – Optical       Yes
    • Automatic Power On/Off – Bluetooth (LG TV)         Yes
    • Karaoke
    • Echo Mode        Yes
    • Echo Mode      Yes
    • Voice Canceller       Yes
    • Connectivity
    • USB       2
    • AUX       2
    • Bluetooth       Yes
    • Light Show And X Shiny Speaker       Yes
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    LG 2300W Home Theater | AUD 10 ARX

    410,000.00 Add to cart

    Key Features

    • 2300W & 4.2 CH 12 inch speakers
    • Bass Blast
    • Dual Subwoofer
    • BT, Smart DJ
    • HDMI 3 iN & 1 out
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    LG 3500W XBOOM Home Theatre Sound System | AUD 98CL

    348,000.00 Add to cart

    This sound speaker is awesome on it’s own but imagine when another of this is added to it. One of these has the ability of producing up to 2350 watt sound but when another of its calibre is added to it, it generates sound that’s up to 7000 watt and this if possible could blow you away but you can only see that in movies and this kind of sound speaker would make your movie very sweet to watch and hear. The audio of the movie would just be so wonderful such that if someone came and disturbed your movie then you would be really annoyed. You can link two of them and this can be done wirelessly and then you can make everyone to be blown away by its awesome sound quality.

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