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FEATURE: Model: BS – 315

Rated power: 1000W

Frequency response: 35Hz – 450kHz

Nominal impedance: 4Ω

Sensitivity: 103dB

Maximum SPL: 127dB

System Type: 2X18″ Subwoofer

Availability: 15 in stock


The Black Spider speaker with a capacity of 4000 watts is a powerful audio device designed to deliver high-quality sound and performance. With its impressive power handling capability, it is suitable for a variety of applications, including live performances, concerts, DJ setups, and large venues where loud and clear audio is essential.

This speaker is engineered to reproduce audio with exceptional clarity, detail, and accuracy across a wide frequency range. Its high power rating allows it to handle demanding audio signals without distortion, ensuring a clean and dynamic sound reproduction.

The Black Spider speaker likely features advanced speaker technologies such as high-quality drivers, precision engineering, and durable construction materials. These features contribute to enhanced sound dispersion, efficient power utilization, and long-lasting reliability.

With its high wattage capacity, the Black Spider speaker can produce a significant sound output, filling large spaces with rich, immersive sound. Its robust construction and design may include reinforced cabinets, protective grilles, and integrated handles for easy transportation and durability.

To maximize its performance, the Black Spider speaker may be compatible with various audio setups, including amplifiers, mixers, and other audio equipment. This allows for seamless integration into existing sound systems or customization based on specific needs.


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