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Overall, the MAXI WH 10-20VE is a compact and efficient water heater with a decent capacity, suitable for residential or small commercial applications. Its versatile power rating, voltage compatibility, and maximum temperature make it a reliable choice for providing hot water in various settings.


The MAXI WH 10-20VE is a water heater with the following specifications:

1. Capacity: It has a capacity of 10 liters, which means it can hold up to 10 liters of water at a time.

2. Power Rating: The water heater has a power rating of 2000 Watts, which indicates the amount of electrical power it consumes in order to heat the water efficiently.

3. Voltage and Frequency: It operates on a standard voltage of 230 V and is compatible with both 50 Hz and 60 Hz power systems.

4. Maximum Temperature: The MAXI WH 10-20VE can achieve a maximum temperature of 105 degrees Celsius, allowing you to adjust the water temperature as per your preference.

5. Mounting: This water heater is designed for vertical mounting, which means it is meant to be installed in an upright position, typically on a wall.

6. Dimensions: The dimensions of the MAXI WH 10-20VE are 324 mm in length, 324 mm in width, and 315 mm in height. These measurements give you an idea of the physical size of the water heater.


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