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Maxi Single Burner Gas Cooker | MAXI 100 – OC


Maxi Single Burner Gas Cooker | MAXI 100 – OC


Main Features:

  • Single Burner Gas
  • Table Top Gas
  • Metal LID Top C
  • Burner Type: Pipe
  • Gas Type: LGP
  • Color: Inox

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The MAXI 100 OC Table Top Gas Burner is designed for your ease of use, durable and fast cooking.
Cooking is made easy and fun with this incredible appliance, it stands out from its kind with its numerous incredible features.
It comes with a double burner which enables you cook two meals at once.
It is designed with stainless steel material, which is one of the finest materials used in making cooking appliances.

The Table Top Gas Burner MAXI 100 can be placed on a tabletop thereby creating more space in your kitchen for other appliances to come in.
The unique finishing on this single burner gas cookers helps protect your cooker against rust and extend its functional life.

The metallic lid feature of this gas cooker allows you keep you cooking area organized when not in use.

Detailed Features

  • Quality, very durable 1 Burner
  • Come in the best Colors that fits your kitchen décor: White, black, grey, inox, copper
  • It is highly efficient gas Stove.
  • Polished and made with a long-lasting Stainless Steel Material.
  • It’s a Table Top.
  • With the Gas-saving Technology, you don’t have to spend so much on refilling the cooking gas regularly. You tend to save cost.
  • Of great quality and very strong, and comes with a very durable pot support.

The pot support on this 2-burner gas cooker gives you the assurance of stability as you cook and helps you minimize spills and messes.
The MAXI 100 OC Table Top Gas Burner comes in a sleek European design and premium cast burner for long lasting use. It is easy to clean and has a strong flame for good cooking.


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