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Lithion Inverter 2KVA 24V | LTN-1600VAV


Lithion Inverter 2KVA 24V | LTN-1600VAV



Pure Sine Wave Inverter
LCD display
User Set-able Operation
Ultra High Quality
Long Lasting
Made in India

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  1. Capacity: The inverter has a capacity of 2 kilovolt-amperes (kVA), meaning it can handle a maximum load of 2,000 watts at a power factor of 1.
  2. Input Voltage: It requires a 24-volt DC input, typically from a battery bank or a solar PV system.
  3. Inverter Technology: The inverter is likely to use advanced pure sine wave technology to produce clean and stable AC output power, which is suitable for sensitive electronic devices.
  4. Output Voltage: The AC output voltage is probably the standard 220-240 volts, depending on the regional electrical standards.
  5. Battery Compatibility: The inverter is designed to work with 24V battery systems, such as two 12V batteries connected in series.
  6. LCD/LED Display: It may feature a digital display panel to show important system information, such as input/output voltage, battery status, load status, and fault indications.
  7. Protection Features: The inverter is likely to come with multiple protection mechanisms, including overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, short-circuit, and overtemperature protection.
  8. Bypass Mode: Some inverters offer a bypass mode that allows the user to directly connect the load to the grid in case of inverter failure or maintenance.
  9. Efficiency: The inverter’s efficiency is expected to be high, ensuring minimal energy losses during the DC-to-AC conversion process.
  10. Communication Interface: Advanced inverters may have communication ports (e.g., RS-232, USB) to connect to a monitoring system or computer for data logging and remote monitoring.
  11. Cooling System: Depending on the design, the inverter might incorporate a cooling fan or passive cooling elements to maintain optimal operating temperatures.
  12. Mounting and Installation: The inverter is likely to be designed for easy installation, either as a standalone unit or integrated into a larger power system.


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