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LG Inverter Microwave Oven


LG Inverter Microwave Oven


Additionally, the MWO 4295 CIS has an “anti-bacterial” feature. This means the interior of the microwave is coated with a special material that helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria, keeping your food in a cleaner and safer environment.


This model boasts a generous 42-liter capacity, providing ample space for all your cooking needs. It comes in a sleek stainless steel and silver design, adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.

One of the standout features of the MWO 4295 CIS is its inverter technology. This advanced technology helps to ensure precise and consistent cooking by maintaining a stable power supply throughout the cooking process. It allows for more controlled and efficient cooking, resulting in delicious and evenly prepared meals.

For improved visibility, this microwave oven is equipped with an LED lamp. It provides bright lighting inside the oven, making it easier for you to monitor the progress of your food without the need to open the door.

The touch control panel of the MWO 4295 CIS allows for convenient and easy operation. With just a few touches, you can select your desired cooking settings and options to suit your preferences. It’s all about making your cooking experience hassle-free and enjoyable.

The stable turntable of this microwave ensures that your food heats evenly by rotating it during the cooking process. This feature promotes uniform cooking and prevents cold spots, resulting in better-tasting meals.

With its large capacity, smart inverter technology, LED lamp, touch control panel, stable turntable, and anti-bacterial feature, the MWO 4295 CIS offers convenience, efficiency, and hygiene all in one package.


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