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Industrial stabilizer 300kv 3phase

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Industrial stabilizer 300kv 3phase


The “Vintech Industrial stabilizer 300 kVA 3-phase” is a high-capacity electrical device designed for industrial applications. It is built to stabilize and regulate the voltage supplied to sensitive industrial equipment, protecting them from voltage fluctuations and ensuring smooth and reliable operation. This three-phase stabilizer has a power capacity of 300 kilovolt-amperes, making it suitable for handling heavy loads and demanding industrial environments.

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When the voltage fluctuation of outside power-supply network or the load change causes the voltage to be fluctuated, it can automatically keep the output voltage stable. Compared to the other stabilizers, these products have advantages of large capacity, high efficiency, no waveform distortion, and stable voltage control. Furthermore, these stabilizers have wide service load. They also have advantages of capacity for momentary overload, long-term continuous operation, switching for manual operation, protection against over voltage, over current, phase shortage, phase-sequence and automation protection. They are widely used for equipment of large electromechanical, metal processing, constructional engineering, embroidery textiles, and production flow-line, electrical lifts, medical apparatus and instruments, air-conditioners, broadcast televisions, household appliances, and lighting.

SBW  is the Three-phase  Fully-automatic & Compensated Stabilizer/AVR.

Widely used in the fields of post office, store, elevator, hospital, school, publishing house and stock exchange where normal voltage is in need, and also can be used in the factories of large and middle-scale industrial and mining corp. It is very much suitable for some important devices and supporting single machine.


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