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Electrical Cables


Electrical Cables


Hot Selling 10m Roll 2.5mm2(14 AWG) Solar Cable PV Cable

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The main features of this type of product are pure conductor metal, without insulation and sheath layers, such as steel-cored aluminium stranded wires, copper-aluminium busbars, electric locomotive wires, etc.; the processing technology is mainly pressure processing, such as smelting, calendering, drawing The products are mainly used in suburban, rural areas, main user lines, switch cabinets, etc.

The main features of this type of product are: extruding (winding) an insulating layer on the outside of the conductor, such as overhead insulated cables, or several cores twisted (corresponding to the phase, neutral and ground wires of the power system), such as overhead insulated cables with more than two cores, or add a jacket layer, such as plastic/rubber sheathed wire and cable.

The main process technologies are drawing, stranding, insulation extrusion (wrapping), cabling, armouring and sheath extrusion, etc. There are specific differences in the combination of different processes of various products. The products are mainly used to transmit strong electric energy in the power generation, distribution, transmission, transformation and power supply lines, with large currents (tens of amps to thousands of amps) and high voltages (220V to 35kV and above).

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