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Automatic top loader washing machine


Automatic top loader washing machine


Additionally, the M 1266 comes equipped with a Linear Compressor. This cutting-edge technology ensures a more stable and consistent washing performance, making sure your clothes are thoroughly cleaned every time. It also helps in reducing energy consumption, providing you with cost savings over time.


M 1266 Top Loader washing machine with a 12 kg capacity.

The M 1266 is a top-loading washing machine that offers a larger capacity of 12 kg. With this spacious drum, you can easily wash larger loads of laundry, saving you time and effort.

One of the standout features of this model is the Direct Drive technology. Unlike traditional washing machines that use belts and pulleys, the M 1266 utilizes a direct drive motor that directly connects to the drum. This results in reduced noise, vibration, and wear and tear, making the washing machine more durable and efficient.

The Turbo Drum feature of the M 1266 adds an extra level of cleaning power. The drum and pulsator rotate in opposite directions, creating a powerful water flow that effectively removes dirt and stains from your clothes. This means that even the toughest stains can be easily tackled with this machine.

Lastly, the M 1266 sports a sleek white design, offering a classic and timeless look that will complement any laundry room decor.

With its advanced features and high capacity, the M 1266 is a reliable and efficient washing machine that will make your laundry tasks a breeze.


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