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15KVA Rilsopower Stabilizer


15KVA Rilsopower Stabilizer


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Get 15KVA Rilsopower Stabilizer today, and say goodbye to low/high fluctuating voltage supply and protect your home and office from electrical damage.

To begin with, 15KVA Rilsopower Stabilizer comes with a wide range of input voltage from (90-260) vac and a constant output voltage of 220v, thus providing a stabilizer voltage supply and protecting all electrical appliances in your premises: air conditioner, fridge, freezers, tv, home theatre, DVD, satellite decoder, electronics, lights, fans, washing machine, microwave, pumping machine, photocopier, printer, desktops, notebooks, etc.

15KVA Rilsopower Stabilizer Features
•servo motor control
•stepless voltage regulation over a wide range
• wide input voltage range (90 – 260)vac
•steady output voltage
•surge protection voltage stabilizer
•informative led-display
•low/high voltage power protection

•home appliances
•office equipment and industrial use


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