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    Polystar 1.5 Liters Glass Blender

    15,330.00 Add to cart

    Polystar 1.5 Litres (PV-BL509G) 2 in 1 Glass Blender, is one of the best kitchen blenders in the market today.

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    Polystar 2 In 1 Blender With 1.5 Liters Glass Jar PV-BL509G

    16,500.00 Add to cart

    The Polystar 2 In 1 Blender With 1.5 Liters Glass Jar PV-BL509G is a powerful and efficient kitchen appliance that can blend and grind a variety of ingredients. It features a durable glass jar with a capacity of 1.5 liters, making it perfect for preparing large batches of smoothies, soups, and sauces. The blender also comes with stainless steel blades that are designed to crush ice and blend tough ingredients with ease. Additionally, the blender has multiple speed settings that allow you to customize the blending process to your liking.

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    Polystar 2 in 1 Plastic Blender with 100% pure copper Pv-780

    12,500.00 Add to cart

    * 2In -1 plastic blender
    * With 100% copper motor, 400Watts
    * 2 speed with pulse
    * safety lock function and overheat protector
    * With a built-in circuit breaker that prevent motor burn out from overloading
    * Model (PV-780)



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    Polystar 8 In 1 Multiple Food Processor Pv-j808h – 1000w

    41,500.00 Add to cart

    * Juicer 8 in multiple food processor
    * with 100% copper motor
    * Juice extractor with unbreakable blender jar
    * Mincer jar and filter
    * Capacity:(75mm)
    * Model ( PV-J808H)

    Wide feeder
    Safety switch to ease operation
    Juice and pulp separation design
    Large pulp collector
    The new polystar food processor is a must-have in every home.


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    Polystar Juice Extractor | PV-JE388

    20,000.00 Add to cart

    * 2 speed motor
    * Stainless steel filter
    * Safety system
    * Capacity ( 400watt/ 230v/50Hz)
    * Model (PV-JE388)

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