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150 kva SBW Heavy Industrial Stabilizer Three(3) Phase


150 kva SBW Heavy Industrial Stabilizer Three(3) Phase


150 kVA SBW Heavy Industrial Stabilizer is a three-phase electrical power stabilizer used in heavy industrial settings to regulate voltage fluctuations and maintain a stable power supply for sensitive equipment and machinery.

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  1. Power Rating: 150 kVA (kilo-volt-ampere) indicates the capacity of the stabilizer to handle up to 150,000 volt-amperes of power.
  2. Three-Phase: This stabilizer is designed to regulate voltage for three-phase electrical systems commonly used in industrial applications.
  3. SBW Technology: SBW stands for Servo-controlled Buck-Boost technology, which is a common method used in voltage stabilizers. It employs a servo motor to adjust the output voltage based on input voltage fluctuations, ensuring a stable output.
  4. Industrial Grade: The “Heavy Industrial” designation suggests that this stabilizer is designed to handle the rigorous demands of heavy machinery and equipment found in industrial environments.

The primary purpose of this stabilizer is to maintain a steady voltage output within acceptable limits despite fluctuations in the input voltage. Voltage stabilization is essential to prevent damage to equipment and ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation in industrial settings where even minor voltage variations can have significant consequences.


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