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80kva SBW Heavy Industrial Stabilizer


80kva SBW Heavy Industrial Stabilizer


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  1. Voltage Regulation: The primary function of the SBW Heavy Industrial Stabilizer is to regulate the input voltage fluctuations and provide a steady output voltage. It is commonly used in industries where maintaining a constant voltage is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of sensitive equipment and machinery.
  2. Capacity: This stabilizer has a capacity of 80kVA, which means it can handle loads of up to 80,000 volt-amperes. It is suitable for powering large industrial equipment and machinery that require a significant amount of power.
  3. Three-phase Input and Output: Industrial applications often require three-phase power supply. The SBW stabilizer is designed to handle three-phase input voltage and provide stable three-phase output voltage.
  4. Wide Input Voltage Range: The stabilizer can handle a wide range of input voltage fluctuations, which is essential in areas with unstable or fluctuating power supply. It ensures that the output voltage remains within the desired range, protecting equipment from damage due to overvoltage or under-voltage.
  5. Microprocessor Control: Advanced stabilizers like the SBW series often feature microprocessor-based control systems. These controllers continuously monitor the input voltage and make rapid adjustments to maintain a steady output voltage, offering precise and accurate regulation.
  6. Overload Protection: To safeguard connected equipment and the stabilizer itself, overload protection is incorporated. If the load exceeds the rated capacity, the stabilizer will trip or shut down to prevent damage.
  7. Short Circuit Protection: The stabilizer is equipped with short circuit protection to prevent any harm to the equipment and stabilizer in case of a short circuit fault.
  8. Voltage Display: Some models may come with a digital or analog voltage display that shows the input and/or output voltage, enabling easy monitoring of the voltage levels.
  9. Cooling System: Due to the heavy load and continuous operation in industrial environments, the stabilizer is likely to generate heat. Therefore, it is equipped with a cooling system (such as fans or heat sinks) to maintain optimal operating temperatures.
  10. Robust Build: The SBW Heavy Industrial Stabilizer is designed with a sturdy and durable construction to withstand the harsh conditions and demands of industrial environments.


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