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Yamaha 16 Channel Mixer With Bluetooth – USB – Mp3 Functions – Sound Effects


Yamaha 16 Channel Mixer With Bluetooth – USB – Mp3 Functions – Sound Effects


Professional 16 Channels Bluetooth Audio Mixer With USB plug and play function.

Headphones: TRS, Tip L, Ring R, Recommended 30 to 600 ohm headphones
Fits Bluetooth function
– USB plug and play
– Lightweight and portable
– Each mono with 3-band equalization
– 6 kinds of music modes

Availability: 20 in stock


Channel Inputs:

  • This mixer features 16 channels, allowing you to connect multiple microphones, instruments, and other audio sources simultaneously.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

  • The mixer comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, enabling wireless streaming of audio from compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops. This allows for convenient playback of backing tracks or music during performances or rehearsals.

USB Connectivity:

  • The mixer includes USB ports that support USB flash drives or external hard drives. You can use these ports to play audio files directly from USB storage devices or record the mixed output to a USB drive.

MP3 Functionality:

  • With MP3 functionality, the mixer can handle audio files in the popular MP3 format. You can use this feature to play MP3 tracks from various sources or record the mix as an MP3 file.

Sound Effects:

  • The mixer is likely to offer a range of onboard sound effects or digital signal processing (DSP) options. These sound effects may include reverbs, delays, chorus, flanger, EQ, and other audio enhancements. You can apply these effects to individual channels or the overall mix to add depth and creativity to the sound.

Integrated Preamps:

  • The mixer may have integrated microphone preamps, providing clean and low-noise amplification for microphones and other low-level signals.


  • Each channel is expected to have its own EQ controls, allowing you to adjust the tonal balance of individual inputs for precise sound shaping.

Auxiliary Sends:

  • The mixer might have auxiliary send outputs, which are useful for sending signals to external effects processors or monitor mixes for stage monitoring.

Main and Monitor Outputs:

  • The mixer should have main outputs for sending the mixed signal to the main speakers and separate monitor outputs for providing custom mixes to performers on stage.

Phantom Power:

  • The mixer may provide phantom power (+48V) on select channels to support condenser microphones.

Headphone Output:

  • The mixer should include a headphone output, allowing you to monitor the mix privately.

Digital Display and Control:

  • Some models may feature a digital display for easy access to settings and effects parameters, providing visual feedback on audio levels and settings.

Rugged Construction:

  • Yamaha mixers are known for their robust and durable build, making them suitable for both studio and live performance environments.


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