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Wireless Bluetooth Mic


Wireless Bluetooth Mic


Wireless 3.5mm Lapel Microphone Condenser Mic For Camera Speaker Smartphone, Recording Mic For YouTube K35 One Drag Two

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Suitable for a variety of devices and scenarios, Such as Cameras, Car Audio, Subwoofer, Power Amplifier, Speaker and so on

Intelligent noise reduction, the human voice is clearer and more delicate, Built-in noise reduction, with Ai noise reduction algorithm, and strong anti-interference ability, can effectively identify the sound and still record clearly in a noisy movement

Small, portable and comfortable to wear, The body is compact, flexible and changeable, and the shape is simple. It can be easily put into your pocket and does not take up space.

Plug and play, automatic pairing, Plug it in and use it, no complicated operations required; Support any model with 3.5mm plug, no need to purchase an additional adapter

Note: For OPPO/VIVO/IQOO/REALME brand mobile phones, you need to search for “OTG” in the settings and turn on the OTG power supply to use them normally.

1. First, pre and hold for 3 seconds to turn on the device, and insert the audio head of the receiver into the audio hole of the mobile phone or stereo, and the green light flashes to indicate that it is in the state to be connected;

2. Pre and hold the power on of the microphone to turn it on, and the red and green lights flash to indicate that it is in the waiting state;

3. The green light of the receiver is always on, and the green light of is always on, indicating that the pairing is successful;

It is recommended to charge it directly at use to facilitate its use, and cannot be charged while used.


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