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LG WP-810RD 7KG Top Load Twin Tub Washing Machine


LG WP-810RD 7KG Top Load Twin Tub Washing Machine


Wash Capacity 7 Kg
Noise 65 / 72 DB (Wash / Spin)
Spin Timer 5 Min
Spin Speed 1250 Rpm
Net Weight 19 Kg
Spin Capacity 4.6 Kg
Wash Timer 15 Min
Water Level 51 Liters
Dimension (W X H X D.MM) 761 X 895 X 448 Mm

Availability: 25 in stock


The LG WP-810RD is a 7KG top load twin tub washing machine. It is designed to provide efficient and convenient laundry solutions. The twin tub design allows you to wash and spin dry your clothes separately, saving you time and energy. The machine features a durable stainless steel drum that can handle a variety of fabrics and load sizes. It also has multiple wash programs and water level options to cater to different types of laundry. Additionally, it has a built-in lint filter to prevent lint from sticking to your clothes. Overall, the LG WP-810RD is a reliable and user-friendly washing machine that can make your laundry chores a breeze.


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