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The Hisense Air Fryer also offers an impressive 12 preset menus, providing you with a wide range of cooking options at your fingertips. Whether you’re craving crispy french fries, juicy chicken wings, or succulent vegetables, simply select the appropriate preset menu, and the air fryer will set the perfect cooking time and temperature for you. This not only simplifies your cooking process but also ensures consistent and delicious results every time.


Introducing the Hisense Air Fryer, a versatile and convenient cooking appliance that will revolutionize your kitchen experience.

One of the standout features of the Hisense Air Fryer is its detachable pot. This innovative design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring that your cooking process remains hassle-free. Simply remove the pot after use and clean it with ease, saving you valuable time and effort in the kitchen.

In terms of capacity, the Hisense Air Fryer boasts an ample size of 17W/6.3L. This generous capacity allows you to cook larger quantities of food, making it perfect for hosting gatherings or preparing meals for the entire family. You can effortlessly whip up crispy snacks or full meals, all without the need for excessive oil or grease.

With its detachable pot, 12 preset menus, and spacious 17W/6.3L capacity, the Hisense Air Fryer is the ideal addition to any kitchen. Experience the convenience of healthier cooking using this versatile appliance and enjoy a range of delicious and guilt-free dishes for you and your loved ones to savor.


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