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Solar street light


Solar street light


The Solar Streetlight is equipped with an automatic switch-on feature that activates when it detects that the weather is getting dark. This functionality ensures the safety of the environment by providing sufficient light when it is necessary.


The Solar Streetlight with a capacity of 300W is a reliable and energy-efficient option for outdoor lighting. It features three in-built batteries that provide consistent and long-lasting power to the light.

The Solar Streetlight is designed to be water-resistant, which makes it perfect for outdoor use even during heavy rains. It charges fully within 5 to 6 hours using solar power, which saves energy, reduces cost and offers a long-lasting performance.

The Remote Sensor Controller feature of the Solar Streetlight allows the user to regulate and control the light’s power usage efficiently. This function is helpful in minimizing energy wastage, and it also simplifies the light’s management and operation.

With a capacity of 300W, this Solar Streetlight provides a bright and reliable illumination solution for outdoor spaces, making it an ideal choice for parking lots, streets, and other outdoor lighting applications. Additionally, this light is an eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution that eliminates the need for electricity connections and reduces energy consumption, making it a smart and efficient choice.


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