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The Solar Flooding Light boasts an impressive 30,000 lumens of bright, clear light, making it ideal for illuminating larger spaces. With its 241 high-powered LEDs, it provides exceptional lighting coverage, ensuring safety and visibility in your shed, backyard, or any other outdoor area.


Introducing the Solar Flooding Light, an exceptional outdoor lighting solution that combines functionality, durability, and eco-friendliness. This light is perfect for illuminating large outdoor spaces such as yards, sheds, or backyards while ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

With its dusk-to-dawn feature, the Solar Flooding Light automatically turns on at nightfall and turns off at dawn, eliminating the hassle of manual operation and saving energy. You can enjoy the convenience of a well-lit outdoor area without needing to remember to turn the light on and off each day.

Designed to withstand the elements, this light is completely waterproof, making it suitable for any weather condition. Its high-quality construction promises durability and longevity, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh outdoor environments.

The light comes with a convenient remote control, allowing you to adjust the brightness or set different modes from a distance. The 16-foot cord provides the flexibility to position the solar panel in an optimal location for maximum sunlight exposure.

Featuring a solar power system, the Solar Flooding Light harnesses natural sunlight to charge its internal battery, ensuring a sustainable and cost-effective lighting solution. Its capacity of 200 watts guarantees a continuous and dependable power supply for illuminating your outdoor space.

For security lighting that combines practicality, durability, and energy efficiency, look no further than the Solar Flooding Light. With its remote control, long-lasting battery, and high illumination capacity, it is the perfect choice for shedding light on your backyard, shed, or any other outdoor area.


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