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Polystar 2 Hot Plate + 4 Gas, With Touch Screen Timer | PVND-90G2GP


Polystar 2 Hot Plate + 4 Gas, With Touch Screen Timer | PVND-90G2GP



  • 2 Hot plates, 4 Gas burner
  • Auto Igntion
  • Double glazed oven door
  • Oven lamp
  • Oven capacity 130ltrs
  • Removable tempered glass cover
  • Gas oven-Gas grill

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You want to make sure you get the best gas cooker that suits your needs and budget for what will be the heart of your kitchen. You’ll depend on this multitasking cooking device for everything from simmering tomato sauce to baking muffins to broiling burgers. polystar gas cooker, It’s the appliance that you’re likely to use every day, and there’s a perfect one for you regardless of the size of your family, how and what you cook and how much you have to spend. Introducing polystar PVND-90G2GP comes with amazing features and best design to fit the comfort of your kitchen.

The polystar PVND-90G2GP gas cooker has a glass cover above the gas cooker which gives it crystal clear beauty which makes it easy to see through, the glass cover prevent dust from getting into the burner and other food particles and it can easily be cleaned. The poly star gas burner glass top is very strong and cannot be easily broken.

Polystar PVND-90G2GP screen timer provides a convenient way to tell or keep time. This product has an automatic oven timer provide the user with baking flexibility to preset the oven start and stop times for delayed cooking and self-cleaning. Most times you want to do other chores; this gas cooker provides the medium for you to achieve this.

Rotisserie which is also known as spit-roasting where meat or beef is on a steak and being rolled .A long solid rod is used to hold the beat or chicken roasted in an oven. You can roast your pig, meat, chicken or depending what you are cooking. All this can be done with the polystar PVNDG2GP.

The polystar has cast iron grates delivers heat better than any other metal and it has a non-sticky surface allowing easy removal from the grill which is better that steel. Your chicken or beef should taste good better and sweet like the ones you eat at your favorite restaurants. Most times we have issues with our meat being stuck on the grill instead of on the plate where it should be. The non-sticky surface and the flat rods make clean up easy with a specular.

This polystar PVND-90G2GP Auto ignition can light up itself without the use of match box or stick, saving you the stress and time.it is very safe, secure and environment friendly. You only need to push a button or press and turn a knob to ignite the gas burner.

The PVND-90G2GP has an oven light bulb which helps you see when cooking or baking at night.it ease the stress of using home light. The oven lamps makes the beauty of your baking look outstanding  .The polystar PVND-90G2GP gas cooker uses gas oven and gas grill making it easier for you to cook or bake on time, and its more efficient. Adjustment with temperature regulation is faster with gas oven. The heat coming of the gas burns at hotter temperature thereby releases moisture of your food.

The polystar gas cooker PVND-90G2GP hot plate is easy to use and can be substitute for one of the burner, it makes use of electrics and the coil it uses is strong. One of the amazing part is it does not consume energy. The polystar PVND-90G2GP hot plate converts energy to heat faster within a short period of time. With the smooth surface, it provides suitable place for pots and pan. The glass top can be easily wiped clean of most spills no need to remove a burner ring or wipe of harden spill within the gas nozzle. Food does get burnt.


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