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Luminous Inverters – 1.5kva -24v


Luminous Inverters – 1.5kva -24v


This is one of the best inverter without any issues

It is durable and long lasting inverter

This is 1.5kva 24v inverter it can take two batteries to make it work

Load: two TVs, two ceilings fans, 8led lights phones and laptops successfully without any issues

Availability: 18 in stock

  1. Power Capacity: The Luminous Inverter with a capacity of 1.5kVA can handle a load of up to 1500VA (Volt-Ampere), which is equivalent to 1500 watts (assuming a power factor of 1). This capacity makes it suitable for powering various household or office appliances, such as lights, fans, televisions, computers, etc.
  2. Input Voltage: The inverter’s input voltage is 24V DC (Direct Current), which means it is designed to work with a 24V battery bank.
  3. Inverter Technology: Luminous inverters typically use Pure Sine Wave technology, which provides clean and stable power output similar to the electricity supplied by the utility grid. This ensures that sensitive electronic devices run smoothly without any risk of damage.
  4. Battery Compatibility: The inverter is compatible with 24V battery systems. For optimal performance and backup time, it is recommended to use deep cycle batteries specifically designed for inverter applications.
  5. LCD/LED Display: Many Luminous inverters come with an LCD or LED display that provides real-time information about the inverter’s status, battery level, load level, and various alerts or indicators for system protection.
  6. Protections: Luminous inverters are equipped with various protection features, including overload protection, short circuit protection, deep discharge protection, and overcharge protection. These safety measures help safeguard the inverter and connected devices from potential electrical issues.
  7. Charging Technology: Luminous inverters typically employ advanced charging algorithms to efficiently charge the connected batteries during grid power availability, ensuring optimal battery health and backup performance.
  8. Inverter Mode and UPS Mode: Many Luminous inverters can function in two modes – Inverter mode and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) mode. In Inverter mode, the inverter is used for backup power during power cuts, while in UPS mode, it can provide seamless and immediate power transfer during power failures without any interruption to connected devices.
  9. Connectivity: Some models may have communication ports, such as USB or RS-232, which allow for remote monitoring and control of the inverter’s performance.


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