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Jordy Ele 30kva single phase Automatic Voltage Regulator


Jordy Ele 30kva single phase Automatic Voltage Regulator


Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR): An automatic voltage regulator is an electronic device used to stabilize and control the voltage output of an alternating current (AC) power source. It ensures that the voltage supplied to connected electrical equipment remains within a certain acceptable range, protecting them from over voltage or under voltage conditions. AVRs are commonly used in homes, small businesses, and various other applications where a stable power supply is essential.

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  1. Capacity: The AVR is designed to handle power up to 30 kilovolt-amperes (kVA) on a single-phase power supply system.
  2. Input Voltage Range: The AVR accepts a wide range of input voltages and can typically handle variations in the input supply.
  3. Output Voltage Regulation: It automatically regulates and maintains a stable output voltage within a specified tolerance, even when the input voltage fluctuates.
  4. Voltage Correction Speed: The AVR has a quick response time to correct voltage fluctuations, ensuring rapid stabilization of the output voltage.
  5. Protection: The AVR provides protection against over voltage, under voltage, voltage spikes, and other power-related issues.
  6. LCD/LED Display: Some AVRs come with a display panel to show input and output voltage levels, load status, and any fault indications.
  7. Bypass Functionality: In the event of a failure or maintenance, some AVRs offer a bypass mode that allows power to pass through without voltage regulation.
  8. Communication Interface: Advanced AVRs may include communication ports (e.g., RS-232, USB, Ethernet) to enable remote monitoring and control.
  9. Energy Efficiency: Modern AVRs are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing power consumption and operating costs.
  10. Audible/Visual Alarms: The AVR may feature alarms or indicators to alert users of abnormal conditions or malfunctions.


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