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Haus strom 12v 220AH Tall Tubular Battery


Haus strom 12v 220AH Tall Tubular Battery


These batteries perform brilliantly in heavy duty applications and are capable of withstanding even long and frequent power cuts. The tubular batteries come in two variants, economy and classic, to suit distinct needs.

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•    Capacity is 220ah
•    Nominal voltage 12v
•    Weight 64kg
•    Package contains one tubular & accessories
•    Made of calcium
•    Recycle
•    Eco friendly
•    Low maintenance
•    High performance


Haus strom tubular batteries are designed to deliver consistent and reliable power every time. their plates are engineered to provide higher efficiency while maximizing battery life, which also ensures that the tubular battery price stays competitive.

They require minimal maintenance, owing to high acid volumes and don’t get overheated. as they are resistant to corrosion, they last for a very long time.


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