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AKG D4400 Dynamic Cable Consumer Microphone


AKG D4400 Dynamic Cable Consumer Microphone


Responsive and compact, this AKG microphone is ideal for families who need a mic for a variety of applications. Amateur musicians, DJs, and announcers are delighted by the features and dependability of this AKG microphone. The AKG D4400 is an outstanding solution for delivering reliable sound day in and day out. This dynamic microphone is designed for a wide range of applications, so you can utilize it for speeches, sermons, and ceremonies. The AKG D4400 enables you to accurately capture throbbing bass notes and crystal clear highs with its expansive 40 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response.


The super-cardioid pattern featured on this AKG microphone enables you to record your subjects from the front but not unwanted noise from the back. With a 2.5 dBm effective output level, this dynamic microphone is rather sensitive, allowing you to pick up a host of vocals, instruments, or background sounds. Moreover, the AKG D4400 is compact, which means you are able to comfortably carry it into your clubhouse or community center.
Product Identifiers
Brand: AKG
Additional Product Features
Effective Output Level2.5 Dbm
Connectivity Cable
Cable Length2.2ft.
Frequency Response40-20000Hz
Usage Consumer
Pickup Pattern Super-cardioid


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