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12v 30w Solar Kit 6 Bulbs


12v 30w Solar Kit 6 Bulbs


Portable solar home system 6 led bulbs with mp3 and radio 30 watts panel battery sg1230w ; led bulb.

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  1. Solar Panel: The solar kit comes with a 12V, 30W solar panel that harnesses sunlight and converts it into electricity. The panel is usually made of high-quality solar cells that can generate power even in low-light conditions.
  2. Battery: The kit includes a 12V rechargeable battery that stores the electricity generated by the solar panel during the day. The battery’s capacity may vary, but it is typically chosen to provide sufficient energy for powering the included LED bulbs during the night.
  3. Charge Controller: The charge controller regulates the flow of electricity from the solar panel to the battery. It prevents overcharging of the battery and ensures optimal charging efficiency.
  4. LED Bulbs: The kit contains 6 low-power LED bulbs that provide illumination. These bulbs are energy-efficient, which helps extend the runtime of the system on a single charge.
  5. Wiring and Connectors: The kit may include wiring and connectors to interconnect the solar panel, battery, charge controller, and LED bulbs. These components ensure a safe and reliable electrical connection between the different parts of the system.
  6. Mounting Hardware: Some solar kits come with mounting hardware for the solar panel, allowing you to secure it to a suitable location for maximum sunlight exposure.
  7. USB Charging Ports (Optional): Some solar kits may feature USB charging ports, allowing you to charge small electronic devices like smartphones or tablets using solar power.

The solar kit is designed to be easy to set up and use. Once installed, the solar panel collects sunlight during the day, and the charge controller charges the battery. At night or in low-light conditions, the charged battery powers the LED bulbs, providing illumination for various applications, such as lighting up a small room, a camping tent, or an outdoor area.

The number of LED bulbs and their brightness may vary depending on the specific kit’s configuration and the manufacturer. Additionally, some solar kits may include additional features like a built-in radio or a USB-powered fan, adding further functionality to the system.


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