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solar rechargeable standing fan

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    16 Inches Solar Rechargeable Standing Fan

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    • Lithium Ion battery type – Li-ion batteries are known for their ruggedness and durability and can last for about 10 years, with over a thousand recharge cycles. That’s why the product series is nicknamed the “the LONG LIFE RECHARGEABLE FAN. With this product, you wave bye to changing batteries every 9 months to 1 year
    • Dual-way charging (With 20 watts Solar Panel) – You can enjoy the uninterrupted cool wind all day long with zero electricity charge all year round
    • With Alternating current (NEPA/GEN power)
    • Solar Charging – The product comes with a 20 watts solar panel to provide an alternative means of charging,
    • If there is sunshine, there is no fear that the fan is equipped with electricity. The fan can charge the mobile phone
    • You can also connect LED lights and repel mosquitoes to easily solve the problem of power on
    • Fan speed :4 settings
    • It is suitable for all Nigerians
    • Fully charging time 4-6 Hours.
    • Duration : 10 hours to 36 hours
    • 4 variable speeds – Our product comes with 4 different speeds with the lowest speed lasting for up to 36 hours , at full charge running on battery.
    • Speed 1 : Approx. 10 hours
    • Speed 2 : Approx. 15 hours
    • Speed 3 : Approx. 21hours
    • Speed 4: Approx. 36 hours

    Solar panels

    • The solar panel line is 5 meters long
    • Put the solar panel outside
    • Pull the cable indoors for charging
    • It can be used while flushing

    Upgrade lithium battery

    • Built in 18000mah lithium battery
    • Fully charged in about 4-6 hours
    • It can be charging and blown at the same time
    • Two ways to shake your head
    • Wider air supply range and more uniform air supply
    • Wide angle 90 °
    • Up and down 28 °
    • Left and right 90. Automatic shaking of head
    • Up and down 28 · manual adjustment

    Home adaptive charging

    • Solar charging
    • Bird shaped section fan blade
    • Reduce air resistance, evenly and closely cut the air flow
    • Uniform cutting airflow
    • With the brushless motor, the air is evenly distributed, making the body feel softer and quieter

    Brushless motor

    • The wind power will not decrease after 10 years of operation
    • Pure copper brushless motor provides power for operation, with greater wind power and less noise

    LED Night Light

    • Intimate night light function
    • Meet your life needs

    Heat dissipation system

    • Uniform heat dissipation at the rear of the head,
    • Ensure that the machine operates stably.

    Thickened reinforced base

    • Stable design to prevent
    • The fan swings when it is running.

    Applicable to multiple places

    • Outdoor picnic
    • Comfortable home
    • Outdoor street stall
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