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    A 3KW (3000W) 24V/80A Pure Sine Wave Hybrid MPPT Inverter is a type of power inverter designed to convert DC (direct current) electricity from a battery bank (at 24V) into AC (alternating current) electricity with a pure sine wave output. The pure sine wave output ensures stable and clean power, making it suitable for powering sensitive electronic devices and appliances.

    The “Hybrid” feature typically means that the inverter can work in conjunction with other energy sources, such as solar panels and a grid connection, allowing you to maximize energy efficiency and reduce reliance on the grid. This feature allows the inverter to intelligently switch between different power sources based on availability and demand.

    The “MPPT” stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking, which is a technology that optimizes the efficiency of the solar panels by dynamically adjusting their operating voltage and current to extract the maximum available power from the sun.

    1. Pure sine wave output: Provides clean and stable power, suitable for all types of electrical appliances.
    2. Hybrid functionality: Can work with solar panels and the grid to maximize energy utilization.
    3. MPPT solar charge controller: Optimizes solar panel efficiency for maximum power extraction.
    4. 3000W continuous power output: Capable of delivering up to 3000 watts of continuous power.
    5. 24V DC input: Accepts 24V DC power from batteries or solar panels.
    6. 80A charging capacity: Able to handle up to 80 amps of charging current from solar panels.
    7. Multiple protection features: Overload protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, etc.
    8. LCD display: Provides real-time information on system status and performance.
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